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A R T I S T     S T U D I O

AUTHENTICITY CRITERIA is dedicated to the cataloging and registering of the original works of listed, mid-century modern artist, Ralph Costantino. We provide authenticity certificates for originals for the benefit of your own personal piece or collection and/or as a mandatory precursor to listing any piece as "available" on this site. Authenticating your collection is paramount to increasing the value of the individual pieces. When you have your piece/s authenticated by the Costantino family they are assigned a family registry number and are cataloged on this site. You are then added to our private Owner's List. What we must receive from you (to the best of your ability) in order to establish authenticity is as follows:

>Glare-free, sharp images of the piece

           1. front view (distortion-free)

           2. signature

           3. back view

           4. close-up of any notations on back of piece


>Glare-free images of any proof of purchase or any other documentation that came with the piece if possible


 >Specs of the piece

          1. what material is it painted/sketched on (canvas, paper, etc.)

          2. what is the medium (if known)

          3. what year was it created (if known)

          4. is there any damage to the material

          5. from whom and/or where did you acquire it (company, individual, city, state of purchase)

          6. what year did you acquire it

.         7. any unusual facts or stories associated with the piece or your RC collection as a whole


>Your full name, address, and preferred method of contact

These are the requirements necessary to establish authentication. If you are seeking to authenticate your piece/s please CONTACT us. Be sure to include the necessary items. We will examine the piece and assign it a family registry number. You will receive, via USPS, the authenticity certificate for your piece.

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